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The racing season is back in the UAE. Here’s the new normal

Limited capacity, contactless support stations, and wave starts are some of the latest regulations in the sports event industry which plans to return after...

‘If there were no men for a day, I would run at night’

Sarmistha Sen, of Plano, Texas, was killed while on a run the morning of August 1. She was found unresponsive by a...

How Dubai mom lost 27kg after a battle with depression

The incredible journey behind Janet’s 'before' and 'after' pics. This is more than just a weight loss story. Dubai...

Running in the UAE: Here are the top routes to run

Running continues to be a sport that enjoys growing popularity across the world. A new study examining running habits and mental health...

Lisa Campbell: The Game Changer

"I think women can be more empathetic, genuine, and sincere but still have enough ruthlessness in them to get things done effectively," - Coach Lisa Campbell
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