Food Review: Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door In UAE

We tried Root’d healthy meal for one week, here’s what we thought.

Cooking is an art form, but creating finger-licking plant-based meals in a box? Root’D meal got it right.

Day One – 

The first meal was delivered on Sunday, was in a rush so just picked the bag, grabbed Blueberry Parfait and tossed the rest in the car…

Apple Cinnamon Oat was a surprisingly nice breakfast meal between the traffic lights and I arrived at my destination rather wholesome, which is not always the case. 

Frankly, I realised my breakfast was Apple cinnamon oats is what I had for breakfast when I parked and had a closer look at the packaging as it tasted so familiar yet different. And that was the start of my adventure into plant-based foods!

Pictures of food from rootd

Next were chocolate brownies that powered me through a rather involving conference call, to say they were an energising snack call would be an understatement.

Lunch happened in a garage sitting on the trunk of my car (it was a busy day), safe to say Courgette lasagne didn’t disappoint the packaging was compact and the accompanying cutlery was truly good to go for people on the move.

Dinner was a settled affair with a falafel wrap over Netflix. 

Day One, I was hooked to eating great meals from a box!

Day Two

Day Two, started with Chai rice pudding, which was over in a flash as my taste buds were certain this was a re-invention of a classic Indian dessert!

And the teasing of taste buds continued with dark chocolate covered coconut bites for snacks… I was now not reading the label but second-guessing with my taste buds…

If this continued I might have to reconsider my burger preferences and was now eagerly looking forward to Thursday’s Vegan Burger… wait but today is only Monday!

Sweet potato chilli for lunch was interesting with a very engaging gravy though the potato could have been improved… potatoes can be tough customers at times…

Dinner with stuffed aubergine and quinoa tabbouleh was imaginative and a welcome surprise. Frankly, I was amazed to read the package label after the meal and this was the general theme of my experience.

Pictures of food from rootd

Day Three

Potatoes? I decided to skip them and polished the black beans

The protein balls powered me through a hectic day, with beetroot salad providing a welcome contrast.

Dinner with tomato lentil stew got me in a spicy tangy mood.

Day Four

Started with classic peanut butter and toast, loved the portion sizing just right to the start the day.

Almond & chocolate snack bars covered for lunch.

Pictures of food from rootd

Courgette Lasagne was familiar repeat & Green peas stew made a worthy feast for an early dinner.

Special mention for the Lasagne: The cheese substitute used is superlative, one would not even realise the cheese looking thing is a plant-based alternative which tastes, looks, feels very much traditional cheese.

Day Five

The day was to start with Blueberry Oat Pie but skipped to the vegan burger!

And boy was it good! It was awesome! The bun, the patty and the condiments were a feast to the senses.

The day’s snack (Dark chocolate covered Hazelnut bites) and dinner Braised Artichoke and potato Gnocchi were good meals, that only made me wonder how do I order another Vegan Burger?

  • The portion size was fabulous. It is more than enough for one person on most days. 
  • Delivery team and their timing was amazing. All packing is recyclable/ biodegradable
  • Oh, Cheese – The cheese substitute used is superlative, one would not even realise the cheese looking thing is a plant-based alternative which tastes, looks, feels very much traditional cheese.
  • Sneaky afternoon snacks give you that perfect boost of energy
  • They deliver all meals to your doorstep before 8 AM in a cool bag. You have three meal plans to choose from – detox, balance and weight loss.

Check out – for more detail

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