Gyms are reopening in Dubai. Check out details

With limited studio capacities and extra precautions, NRG fitness gym at Dubai Marina is ready for reopening post covid. After weeks of strictly enforced lockdown, the UAE is back in business with the cautious reopening across the emirates. Folks at NRG fitness are making sure to keep everyone safe and healthy. Story of Fitness spoke to Helle Bachofen Von Echt from NRG about transitioning back to the new normal. Helle works as a manager and an indoor cycling coach at NRG fitness.

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What protocols are being implemented to ensure the safety of the gym-goers after the reopening post covid? 

NRG Fitness is adhering to all standard government guidelines and Sports Council safety protocols. We do full sanitization of the facilities as well as disinfection of all equipment and bikes after every class.

We have also reduced our class capacities to 40% to ensure a minimum safe distance between each participant. Inside our studios and around our common areas we have sanitization stations where all members can help themselves to disinfection products, disposable wipes, gels, etc. Members can use these products for themselves and their allocated equipment at any time. We do temperature screening of all staff, members, and suppliers to ensure no one is placing risk to others.

How does one book the session and whats the maximum number of clients per session? 

We currently have all our classes reduced capacities to 9 participants per class. It is highly recommend to book in advance as spaces are selling out fast. Anyone is welcome to try their first class at NRG for free.

Image of Coach Helle Bachofen Von Echt from NRG fitness
Coach Helle Bachofen Von Echt

Are there any changes in the price structure?

We are running a Big Comeback June promotion. It is to encourage and help people get back into their fitness routines or kickstart a new active lifestyle. Existing membership packages will get extra free class credits. Limited number of these packages are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is it compulsory to wear masks during the session?

Masks can be removed as soon as the class starts and for the entire duration. Though it is still required to wear masks around the common areas.

Many businesses has been affected by the pandemic. Do you feel that gyms are one of the worst-hit industries?

It’s been a very tough time for most small businesses running operations with close personal interaction. Fitness and sports facilities are badly affected. We find that people belong to three categories.

There are people who are just super keen to get back to somewhat normality. They have missed the energy and community that we provide in our group fitness classes. This group of people are a bit more relaxed. Though, they are still respectful to all current protocols.

The second group is the people who have found a suitable workout routine at home. They may have invested in-home equipment and signed up for online classes. This group will ease back into fitness facilities gradually. They may prefer do a mix between home and facility workouts.

The last group is the people who are cautious. They might worry about placing risk to family members or currently experiencing personal financial restrictions.

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  1. Bring your own filled water bottle, to keep you going through your class
  2. You need to bring your own towel and yoga mat (when applicable)
  3. Limited bags, accessories and valuable items, as use of lockers, will not be permitted 

What to expect at NRG fitness


  • Above and beyond our regular cleaning, we will now sanitize all equipment and bikes both before and after every class.
  • All high touch surfaces such as door handles, sink taps, and sanitization stations will be disinfected every hour.
  • Once a day we will close our facilities for one hour for deep cleaning of all studios, flooring, common areas, and washroom facilities.  


All classes will run in a 45 mins format and will have a gap of a minimum of 30 mins between them to allow time for deep cleaning. We don’t permit late arrivals to enter the class.  


Our staff is always available to prepare your pre or post energy drink. We sanitize all equipment and surfaces after every use. We serve drinks in disposable plastic or paper cups only.   


We will disinfect cycling shoes after every use. You are welcome to bring your cycling shoes.


We have set up sanitization stations in our studios and throughout the facilities with alcohol-based sanitizers and disposable wet wipes. Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers are available in our gym. Wiping your equipment or bike before the class is also allowed.  


These will not be available to use.

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