Online dance Session for People of Determination

Dance picture of people of determination in a wheelchair
Photo credit: Saina Konchady

UAE based dance enthusiast and movement explorer Ancy Alexander is famously known for So, You Think I Can’t Dance (SYTICD). She is the proud founder of this inclusive freestyle dance micro-workshop and movement jam. She is currently organizing a one-hour inclusive-dance session for people of determination. It will take place on Zoom on Saturday, 06th June at 06 pm (Dubai time). The session is designed for medium to high functioning individuals with a disability or disorder who are 10 years and older.

Dance session for people of determination

SYTICD commenced late last year as a three-hour micro-workshop and freestyle dance jam for people with special needs. The session was earlier held once a month at Horizon International School, Dubai. Group activities eventually came to a halt due to COVID. The initiative aspires to democratize dance. Their goal is to make it accessible and practical for people with disabilities or disorders since birth or through injuries. 

Image of two girls in a dance studio
Photo credit: Saina Konchady

 Ancy’s inspiring journey – A dance enthusiast with partial cerebral palsy

The online class is open to individuals using a wheelchair, walker, or crutches. The session will be facilitated by Ancy Alexander. Ancy is a dance enthusiast with partial cerebral palsy herself who has been training in dance for over two decades. She has also trained in choreographing and teaching adaptive dance in the US, India, and Dubai.

Prior dance experience is not mandatory to attend the session. Basic requirements are for participants to wear loose clothes. They also need to have a strong internet connection and some space to move around comfortably. Individuals who require the assistance of a caretaker can attend the activity along with a partner. 

Those interested are required to send their full name, age and a line about their condition to

If you want to know more about Ancy, click HERE

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Dance session for people of determination
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