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We’re passionate about fitness, wellness, and transformation health stories from all around the GCC and India. Sharing stories of ordinary humans who live extraordinary lives brings us joy and happiness. We also review various races, fitness products, trainers, and more.

Story of Fitness is managed by Arti Dani – a digital, print & television journalist who has tracked & developed Hollywood & Bollywood stories for more than a decade. Arti has also run marathons in Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East and has ultra marathons in her sight now. She has been fascinated with stories and the fine art of storytelling, be it theater, movies, books, and even restaurant menus.

The recent upheaval in print media reached Arti in late 2019 when her position at a leading Middle East newspaper was downsized, freeing her up from the 24 hours breaking news cycle, while enabling her to share stories closer to her heart. Story of Fitness is part of her lifelong wish to write and share stories of health and wellness.

Apart from Story of Fitness, Arti is currently studying and upskilling her Digital Marketing skills.

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