How to maintain curly hair during the lockdown

Even though more and more people are embracing their natural locks in recent years, we know that it is not easy to manage naturally curly hair. But staying home is giving us a perfect opportunity to revive our natural hair pattern while being extremely kind to our hair. Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez also recently revealed her naturally curly hair during lockdown.

This is the perfect time to ditch hair tools like straighteners and blow dryers. This is also the perfect time to detox our scalp and strengthen the pores. Hence we got in touch with the beauty experts at The Hair Addict. They shared top guidelines to get us through the challenges of making our hair masks and other curly hair troubles.

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Curly Hair During Lockdown

It is extremely challenging for those with naturally curly hair to maintain healthy hair during the lock-down. What is your essential advice to keep hair hydrated and moisturized? 

Consider the lock-down period a chance to give your hair much-needed lovin’. This starts by swearing the heat-free oath and cutting off all heat-styling tools and chemical relaxers. You must follow it up by deep conditioning the hair at least once a week. And more frequently if you have very dry hair.

If you have the issue of split ends and/or hair breakage, you need to add protein treatments to your routine. It will reinforce your hair’s protein structure. We recommend doing protein masks every two weeks.

Our favorite protein mask is the gelatin hair mask:

  • 1 Tbsp Gelatin Powder
  • 1/3 Cup Warm Coconut Milk
  • 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (Optional)

You will need to warm up the coconut milk to dissolve the gelatin powder. Apply this mixture right away as it will start to become tacky and hard to manage as it cools down. Leave it in your hair for 30-40 minutes. Wash your hair as usual, and enjoy stronger moisturized hair strands!

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Do you recommend to keep hair tied up in a bun or plaits or should one keep it open during the day?

We recommend that you put your hair in protective hairstyles (i.e. buns, braids) during the lockdown. They help tuck away the hair and prevent it from brushing so much against clothes and other surfaces. This will prevent the regular wear-and-tear that happens when you let your hair down. However, there are two extremely important things to do when you put your hair up to reap the benefits:

  • Don’t pull your hair up too tightly. The constant tension on the hair follicles can cause irreversible hair loss called “Traction Alopecia”. You must always keep hair tied loosely to avoid this.
  • Avoid using very tight/thin elastic bands. They can cause hair breakage and splitting. Opt to use hair scrunchies instead because their fabrics are softer and generate less friction with the hair.
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Could you share some DIY homemade deep moisturizing masks that can be made from items readily available at home?
We love using coconut milk as a staple ingredient in homemade hair masks. It gives the best moisturizing action and strengthens hair. You can mix coconut milk, mashed bananas and avocado for a deeply nourishing hair mask. You only need to make sure to blend this mixture very well so that it’s easy to apply and rinse off.

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How often should one oil and wash their hair?
Optimally, one should use oil treatments for the scalp three times a week. And not less than once a week for the ladies with a busy schedule. When it’s time to wash off the oils, we love to use natural shampoo alternatives. They can be used as frequently as needed without drying the hair out. Our all-time favorite oil mask & natural shampoos are The Indian Hair Growth Recipe and The No Poo Recipe by The Hair Addict.
If your lifestyle demands that you wash your hair very frequently, you should give co-washing ago. It is basically using a silicone-free conditioner. Massaging it into your scalp and hair for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. You will be surprised at how much a conditioner can wash off grime and dirt. You can use this method without worries of getting dry hair.

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  Is there any hair care item or items that The Hair Addict team swears by? 

We are very psyched about The Hair Addict’s Frizz Off! Microfiber Towel, because it absorbs just enough water from the hair. It enhances curl definition while being extremely easy to use. We also advocate for scalp massages and love to use The Hair Addict’s Gro Brush for daily relaxing head massages. It keep the blood flow going to the follicles while doubling-up as a scalp exfoliator. 

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