Her Body Can: For Our Girls’ Body Image

We are slowly arriving at a time where the idea of beauty is more inclusive than ever. Women across the world still struggle with the unrealistic beauty standards set by the society and the mainstream media.

Atlanta-based bloggers Katie Crenshaw and Ady Meschke released a first children’s book of its kind written for readers ages 0-8 containing charming poetic declarations of self-love and body positivity that aim to teach readers at a young age that their bodies can do anything, and that their worth and the worth of others around them is measured purely by how big they love themselves.

Katie and Ady said that as former little girls they understand the limits that society tries to set for girls and what our culture expects a girl to look like, act like, and be like.

Even the Barbie doll reinvented herself at 60 last year. While catering to the new evolving demographics, the makers of Barbie said, “Barbie has continued to evolve over the years to better reflect the world girls see today, adding more diversity for endless storytelling possibilities.”

We hope that kids across the world understand that real beauty is to be strong, kind and wise. The color of your skin or the shape and size of your body are not the only parameters of being beautiful.

All bodies are lovely no matter their size. The most important rule is to love yourself.
HER BODY CAN, is available exclusively on Amazon in print & eBook formats.

Arti Danihttp://storyoffitness.info
Arti Dani is a journalist by trade, a traveling runner with 5 international marathons, one ultra marathon under her belt. 100 push-ups a day is a simple job for her, even though she's still working to perfect her headstand skills.
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