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Confessions of a UAE-based Horse Whisperer

UAE-based Kelly L. Eide, who is an Equus trainer, also known as Horse Whisperer, initiated healing practices as an effort to respond...

3 D meditation sounds for your body and soul

Founders insist that 25 minutes on the app has the same effect as 4 hours of deep meditation

Ultra-marathon champion Gerda Steyn uses her time under lock-down for indoor training

As the World Health Organization officially listed the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, races from across the world got canceled or postponed until...

Her Body Can: For Our Girls’ Body Image

We are slowly arriving at a time where the idea of beauty is more inclusive than ever. Women across the world still...

This is our story

We’re passionate about fitness, wellness, and transformation health stories from all around the GCC and India. Sharing stories of ordinary humans who...

The Fittest Woman on Earth

You should always go out and try to get what you want because failing is not a bad thing. You can learn a lot from failure.

Dubai athletes pitch in to construct a gym

These seemingly small things are what help us grow as human beings, says Marcus Smith, founder of InnerFight

Running with a mask during hot weather

Running with a mask during hot weather Best solution is to slow down your fitness plan
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