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Her Body Can: For Our Girls’ Body Image

We are slowly arriving at a time where the idea of beauty is more inclusive than ever. Women across the world still...

UAE Doctor’s heartfelt letter to anxious friends

A heartfelt letter from a Dubai based doctor to his tennis friends who have now become his patients with an anxiety disorder

Boxing: How Dubai-based Mich turned her breakdown into a breakthrough

Mich Kuehn moved to the Middle East with her family in 1995 and has lived here since. More than four years ago,...

Online dance Session for People of Determination

Photo credit: Saina Konchady UAE based dance enthusiast and movement explorer Ancy Alexander is famously known for So,...

Confessions of a UAE-based Horse Whisperer

UAE-based Kelly L. Eide, who is an Equus trainer, also known as Horse Whisperer, initiated healing practices as an effort to respond...

Let’s talk about Menopause

Most of us tend to shy away from talking about menopause. We are so grateful that three Wonder-women opened up to discuss...

How to Start Journaling. Tips for Newbies

If you want to beat procrastination specifically, then I’d say journaling on the deeper reasons you’re procrastinating is even more beneficial than free-writing. Ask yourself (and your page) - Is this thing I’m procrastinating even important to me? What am I afraid of happening if I DO it? What is stopping me? - Rachel Lynn

5 Tips to Stay Sane & Happy During Long-Term Travel

So you quit your 9 to 5 job, sold your stuff, packed your bags, and booked a one-way ticket across the world....
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